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A “Giving Tree” sometimes known as a “Donor Tree” is a popular and effective way in stimulating interest for donations and benefactor giving.



A “Giving Tree” sometimes known as a “Donor Tree” is a popular and effective way in stimulating interest for donations and benefactor giving. A contribution pledge by an individual, family, or organization is in return given recognition in the form of placing the donor’s name or message on a tree leaf that is tastefully displayed for all to see in a permanent fashion. The “Giving Tree” becomes a tribute to generosity and a tool to raise capital to build future legacies. The potential can be very beneficial. A “Giving Tree” with 250 leaves and an average donation of $200 will return $50,000.

Donor recognition trees are more than a means to an end. As a tool to a successful capital raising campaign they can get the job done, but they also can be more. They serve as a lasting permanent reminder of the generosity, humanity, and kindness of others, while at the same time are a work of architectural art for all to enjoy.

The Proposal

The “Giving Tree” is unique and a compliment to any organization and building. The basic tree consists of 250 donor leaves on 9 different shaped clusters. The tree from the original design can be increased for future expansion by adding more clusters and branches, if desired.  The tree will consist of a hand carved trunk (approximately 18” x 24” x 2” thick) made out of walnut wood. The 9 limbs hand carved out of walnut will be of various sizes connecting the 9 clusters. The 9 clusters will be different shapes made out of maple wood with a stained surface. Each cluster will hold approximately 25 to 30 leaves attached with 2 brass screws each. The leaves will be in the shape of a tree leaf and made of a laser engravable plastic material. We recommend 5 different colors of plastic to designate different levels of giving. Suggested levels could be:

  • Bronze level – $100 – $199
  • Silver level – $200  –  $499
  • Gold level – $500  –  $999
  • Platinum level – $1000  –  $4999
  • Diamond level – $5000  – up

A “Key” plaque will be provided that clearly defines and displays leaves of the “Giving Tree” and how they are represented.

The initial number of each colored leaf in each level will be determined by you. A good estimate for a 250 leaf tree would be:

  • $100 – $199 level – 60% – 150 leaves
  • $200 – $499 level – 20% – 50 leaves
  • $500 – $999 level – 12% – 30 leaves
  • $1000 – $4999 level – 6% – 10 leaves
  • $5000 – and up level – 2% – 5 leaves

The estimated count and color of leaf can be adjusted down the line. Maybe you will sell more silver level leaves and less bronze level leaves.


Estimate will include:

  1. A hand carved walnut trunk approx. 2” x 18” x 24” with a lacquer finish.
  2. 9 hand carved walnut branches with a lacquer finish.
  3. Nine maple wood clusters, various sizes, stained with a lacquer finish.
  4. 250 plastic laserable leaves, 25 to 30 per cluster. Number of different colored levels to be determined.
  5. Present donor names lasered engraved free of charge up to 3 weeks before tree is delivered and installed. Date to be determined. After installation of tree the cost of engraving each leaf will be $8 each. All leaves (the present engraved leaves plus the unlasered leaves) will be attached to the tree.
  6. Each leaf will be pre drilled and held by 2 brass screws.
  7. A “Key” plaque made of maple wood- stained with 5 leaves attached designating the 5 levels of donation.
  8. An “All Things Are Possible From Those Who Care To Give” brass plate on an oval walnut plaque.
  9. Overall size of installed tree approximately 8’ x 8’.
  10. On-site installation included on an interior drywall or plastered wall.

Estimated time of completion: tree designed, crafted, delivered, and installed – approximately 4 months from initial deposit.

All materials and labor are included. No hidden costs

Deposit – $1000.00

3 weeks before installation (date to be determined) another $1000.00 due.

Remainder will be due upon completion of installation.

Total Cost – $4000.00


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